Write to the Bank

Writing is such a natural way to share stories, ideas and inspiration, as well as pass memories on to future generations.Write to the Bank

Have you ever heard "you should write a book"?

Do you love to write, but are intimidated by it?  

There are two ways to write a book - one is simply to get your thoughts out, and one is to reach others.

If you desire to share your thoughts with the world, then write that book...and then recognize you are 10% complete.

Yes, 90% of the process of a successful book launch comes after the book is written.

No matter how amazing your book is, in order for people to rave about it, they must first know about it.

How are you going to get the word out?

How are you going to ensure the people who need to read this book know it exists?

Write to the BankAs much as those big publishing deals seem like the ticket to big time, it's rare for a publisher to step in and do all the marketing for you. They look for authors who already have an established audience (through blogging, speaking, etc) and/or know how to market and promote on their own.

With the first version of 48 Days to the Work You Love, I didn't look for a publisher.  I just started providing Sunday School members with the materials they were asking for - and I sold over $2 million dollars worth of that simple 3-ring binder version before I had publishers knocking on my door.  

We want to share with you a powerful tip - for your writing, and also for the blog posts, podcasts, and other forms of marketing you will be doing to build up anticipation for that best-selling book.

There is a simple method to really pull a reader in - and it hails back to a childhood nursery rhyme!

  • E - Educate
  • I - Inform
  • E - Entertain
  • I - Inspire
  • O - Outrage

Now you may think that last one is a bit much, but we've seen time and time again how people are pulled in to stories based on these five areas. So as you write, think about which of these lines up.

Think of the goal of every page you write, and what feeling you intend to evoke from the reader.

If you want more practical tips and application for getting that book written, Write to the Bank is your go-to resource.  Created from a top-selling teleseminar, this was such a hot topic Dan had to create a product out of it!

Things you will learn include:Write to the bank

  • How to find time to write
  • Where to find paid writing opportunities
  • How you can get writings published with little to no start up costs
  • How I got the word out about 48 Days to the Work You Love - even before all the fancy social media we have today
  • How to market and promote your book beyond a traditional publisher (hot tip - publishers are more likely to pick you up if you already have proven an audience wants your writing)

NOTE: This is a digital product, so you can get started immediately!

Includes 2 mp3 downloads and a PDF transcript to follow along and take notes - plus a full book proposal form to get all your thoughts organized!

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