How well do you know yourself?  Do you know what motivates you? Are you a visionary, a leader, an entertainer or analyzer?  

When you look at exercise, how much does personality play into getting fit?  The answer - it's greatly affects your success!

We all know diets can fail, and exercise programs fizzle as your attitude sees it as a necessary evil and a drudgery you must endure.  But when you learn what motivates you and best fitness tips for your style, you may just find something that really sticks!

This personality profile takes your unique personality style and helps you see exactly what type of fitness program fits you best. This should only take 5-10 minutes to complete. Once through it, you'll have a goal setting section to help bring your goals to life and help you with your exercise aims.  

The 48 Days Fitness Profile includes:
    •    Identifying your primary DISC Style
    •    Focus on getting in shape and understanding what motivates you/keeps you motivated
    •    Goal setting worksheet to design your fitness plan


 Click the image on the right to download a sample of the Fitness Profile report

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