Let the River Run

Read the story of how Dan Miller and Dave Ramsey got started.

Many of you know that Dave Ramsey and I both started our businesses out of the nurturing environment of a supportive church here in Nashville.  In the spring of 1990, the members of Christ Church in Nashville experienced an outpouring of creativity that has impacted millions of people over the last 20 years.





Using notes from my Sunday school class “Career Compass 101,” Joanne and I began coaching church members and others in the community who were questioning their calling and the work they were doing.  That volunteer work eventually launched 48 Days to the Work You Love.

L.H. Hardwick, Christ Church’s pastor during that season, said, “We just preached, taught, networked and inspired our lay leaders. In turn, our people created, organized and fueled their dreams.”

The young but perceptive associate pastor in those years was Dan Scott – now the senior pastor.  Pastor Dan has just compiled all of his notes and memories about that time of seeing an explosion of people who got a clear sense of their God-given talents and found creative ways to share those talents and to generate income.

In Let the River Run he tells the story of Dan, Dave and others who 20 years later are still seeing the results of finding their purpose and calling.  Now you can read the story – but more importantly, discover for yourself the process of finding, fulfilling and prospering from your purpose and calling.

We want this beautiful 152-page book to inform and inspire you and have partnered with the church to make it available.  Read this story of “How God Used Ordinary People to Do Extraordinary Things” and release your own unique talents like Dan and Dave have.

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