Know What You Want

In this digital audio download, we address goal-setting and why it’s important in laying out your life. The shear effort of writing things down imprints it in our brains and creates more accountability than a simple “I should…“In this teleseminar, Dan addresses:
  • Creating success in all 7 areas of your life
  • How to put yourself in the 3% category
  • Why goal setters bypass the other 97%
  • Balancing family and work
  • How to be prepared for and capitalize on change
  • 47% of jobs we\’ll have in 2014 have not yet been created!
  • Is all change good? Or is all change bad?
  • How to keep from being a “victim”
  • How to seize the opportunities

Package Includes:

Audio Download
Power of Goals worksheet

*FREE Bonus*

Goal Setting WorksheetLife Directions Reflections Worksheet

** Note: you will receive three files compressed (zipped) into one.

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