Entrepreneur Startup Kit

Are you an entrepreneur, or dreaming of the day you could be?  We know - the transition is the hardest part.  Creating your own business is no joke, and there are a lot of moving parts.

What is it you are passionate enough about that you would love to make money doing it (and would even do it for FREE?)

Now that you know, how in the world do you make a business around it?

Are you completely frazzled thinking about the logistics of it all, and how to even set up a business?

Does web design and social media terrify you?

How are you going to run a business

without it simply running YOU?

You've landed in the right place.  There are many resources out there, and this outstanding package has all you need to gain focus and lay out a clear plan of action to build your business from the ground-up, or take you to the next level in your existing entrepreneurial endeavor.  

This Startup Kit includes:

  • 48 Days to the Work You Love ($20) -  This book may be more about a traditional job, but the principles in it are invaluable to a business-owner as well.  Negotiate salaries - for employees, or switch it around to be how you sell to others.  Perfect to help you in hiring your own team and marketing your business (not just you) to potential clients/customers.
  • Living, Loving & Working CDs ($39) - This 2-disc set is a podcast that exploded into much, much more.  Dan and his wife Joanne go in-depth with their personal story of feast and famine through the entrepreneurial lifestyle...and why they wouldn't have it any other way.
  • 48 Days Classic DISC Personality Profile ($28.50) - Instant access, less than 20 minutes to do, and you receive 25+ pages of incredible insights!  This is the first thing all our coaching clients take to get a clear look at their unique personality style and how to best communicate with others!
  • 48 Peppermint Candies - what once started out as a simple promo has now become a staple with our 48 Days packages as well as the favorite "Papa Treats" with all of Dan's grandchildren!
  • Wisdom Meets Passion Ubuntu Package ($48) - Dan and his son Jared discuss generational approaches to work, money, success, and relationships.  This is a critical component - to blend your passion with the economic model to sustain it.
    • Exclusive Hardback book (only available on 48Days.com) limited edition – autographed by Dan and Jared
    • Digital Audio Download of “Finding Your Wisdom and Passion”  – 43 minutes (this is not the audio book – this is bonus material that goes beyond the book)


      • 67-page Field Manual (PDF Download) on Wisdom Meets Passion for personal study and application
      • Beautiful Photo Book (PDF Download) of Inspiring Quotations from the book
      • Images from the Quotations book suitable for computer wallpaper

Bonus - Instant Downloads!

  • 48 Marketing Tips
  • Business Planning Guide
  • Goals and Strategy Plan
  • Mission Statement
  • Wisdom Meets Passion audio mp3
  • Wisdom Meets Passion "Quotes for Living"
  • Wisdom Meets Passion Field Manual
  • 48 Days Classic DISC Personality Report

With all these powerful resources in your toolkit, you are fully prepared to build the business of your dreams!

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