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For your child or for the child in you, these books are great tools to help parents and young children cope with budding expressions of independence.

Joanne Miller has written the I Wanna Be series of children’s books to validate a child’s uniqueness based on specific personality styles. Each book is filled with fun and colorful illustrations by award winning artist Rose Gauss.

These books highlight the unique traits that make each child special. Written in lyrical prose, especially enjoyed by ages 2-8.

  • I Wanna Be Me playfully explains that not all girls want to wear pink and get dressed up in frills and lace!
  • When I Am Quiet conveys an important message about the child who may not talk a lot or be very demonstrative, yet hears and sees life in ways others often miss.  A little boy’s imagination and creativity can carry him to far off places through  pages in a book or to images in a cloud formation.
  • Pretty In Pink embraces the very feminine and nurturing attributes of the child who loves to dress up in frills and lace…and lots of PINK!  She loves to help around the house and bake cookies with Nana, who is the Queen of Everything!  Pretty in Pink expresses one style of being a girly-girl yet doesn’t let you forget that she can keep up with her brothers and is FAST, BRAVE, and STRONG!
  • I Know Who I Am portrays a child who simply HAS to do it him/herself! From what to wear to what to eat and where to go, that child does NOT have trouble making a decision or knowing his/her desires … and letting everyone else know them too!  This book profiles the child who is confident, opinionated, and eager to tackle the world.  That child who loves to interact and be the star!


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