Coaching Mastery Program

To be successful as a coach, you need to learn both the dynamics of coaching and the principles of business.

The Coaching Mastery Program gives you the exact steps and accountability to make your vision to become a successful coach a reality. Our goal is to help you make the world a better place – to encourage and inspire others to their highest level of excellence – and to put you in the top 5% category of coaches who can comfortably show their own personal success. When you go through the Coaching Mastery Program, you will be making money before you even finish it!



To be successful as a coach, you need to learn both the dynamics of coaching and the principles of business.

Instead of simply being certified, how about a true mastery program to walk you through the coaching process so you can, indeed, call yourself an expert!

People pay for competence and results, not for the privilege of looking at a diploma. The Coaching Mastery Program is above and beyond a simple slip of paper. We want you to be a 48 Days Certified Coach…yet we understand that simply putting that logo on your website does not mean anything unless you’ve truly achieved hands-on coaching success.


  • The dynamics of personally engaging with a client
  • How to clarify options, encourage, to confront when necessary and to guide the client to new levels of success
  • How to lead with powerful questions, and empower the clients to discover their own “ah-ha” moments
  • How to gain credibility and position yourself as a paid coach
  • How to make money coaching

The investment of $4800 in this program is not just about being willing to invest in yourself. It’s a commitment to show up, engage in the process, and get your coaching in! 

During the program, you are required to complete 48+ hours of paid coaching. If you even do it at $100/hr, that would mean if you did the bare minimum, that is $4800 back in your pocket.

So if you’re questioning whether this is worth it, keep this in mind – you succeed in the program, you make that $4800 back!


Read more about all that is in this powerful program and apply here. 


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