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“Work” should be more than a paycheck. Stop dreaming about “someday!” 48 Days from now you could be in a new position that’s not sucking you dry or you may be generating income in a creative way that gives you more time and more income.

This 20th Anniversary Edition of 48 Days to the Work (and Life) You Love provides fresh tips on a job search to bypass the competition, how to nail the interview, how to negotiate another $20,000 on your salary, starting your own business and more.

Also includes the digital PDF version!

48 Low or No Cost Business Ideas Digital Download


Is your work determining the kind of life you live, or are you deliberately choosing the life you want and having work complement that?

Have you heard the concept “ideas are a dime a dozen…”

So often I hear people say that they would love to start a business but don’t have the money to do anything. And thus they quickly dismiss what may be their greatest opportunity.

There are plenty of ideas floating around – and each idea is merely a thought – unless someone acts on it.  Building a business doesn’t have to be a completely original thought – learn from the stories of others and develop your own unique slant!


Write to the Bank


Writing is such a natural way to share stories, ideas and inspiration, as well as pass memories on to future generations.

Have you ever heard, “you should write a book”?

Do you love to write, but are intimidated by it?

There are two ways to write a book – one is simply to get your thoughts out, and one is to reach others.

If you desire to share your thoughts with the world, then write that book…and then recognize you are 10% complete.