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Join us LIVE at the Sanctuary in Franklin, Tennessee on May 11 and 12, 2017 for an intensive two-day event where you will receive clear direction on your next steps to:

  • start or grow your business

  • market your product or service

  • rediscover your creative passion

  • connect with likeminded “eaglepreneuers”

  • receive encouragement and direction

Here’s what you’ll learn at Innovate:

  • How to unlock your creativity

  • What makes you remarkable

  • How to turn your passion into profits

  • How to create a business funnel

  • Business Growth and Marketing strategies

  • How to build a creative lifestyle

Reserve your spot for Innovate May 11-12, 2017.

Two intensive days of content to help you reach the next level of success


  • Welcome and History of 48 Days
  • Growth and Development of 48 Days
  • Don’t wait till everything is perfect
  • God Blesses The Artist
  • How Do You Find Your Passion?
  • Is Creativity Discovered or Developed?
  • 6 Keys to Unlock Your Creativity
  • Live Creatively Now
  • Rewriting Your Story


  • What Makes You Remarkable?
  • Seeing Things With New Eyes
  • Moving From Anticipation to Experience
  • How To Increase Creativity
  • Turning Passion Into Profits
  • Building A Business
  • Create A Business Funnel
  • Business Growth and Marketing
  • How To Build A Creative Lifestyle

We’d love to see you here.

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