Ultimate Fresh Start Package

PAY ATTENTION:  There is a valuable secret at the end of this message.  
Read, reflect, and see what resonates:
  • Are you tired of the daily grind, clocking in and clocking out, knowing you are working merely for a paycheck?
  • Are you living for "one day" when you can finally start enjoying life?
  • Are you struggling to figure out what your passion is - demotivated, frustrated, and feeling "stuck"?
Time and time again, we see people who are stuck in survival mode, planning their whole lives around the work they dread, just in hopes to "one day" get out of the rat race and truly enjoy life.   One reader described "someday island" as a far-distant place he never thought he could reach.  
It's overwhelming to figure out where to go, what to do, and take the leap to transition out of the comfort zone and stretch yourself.   There are so many self-help resources, where do you start?  How do you identify what you are passionate about, and how in the world do you find a job that then fits that and allows you to thrive?
Want to know the secret?
Here goes...you have the power - no matter what job you take - to be your own boss.  It's in incredible paradigm shift that allows you to be in charge of your future.  This is the incredible gift we all have, to write our own story, and create the work - and life - we love! 
This bundle package takes the "best of" resources we have and packs them into one powerful set for you.  Start going through these materials and explore your own:
  1. Skills and Abilities
  2. Values, Dreams and Passions
  3. Unique Personality Style

Learn how to take these concepts, develop them, and turn them into real life action steps to land your dream job, negotiate salary, and take charge of your work...and your life!

 This package includes:
  • 48 Days to the Work You Love ($20): Preparing for the New Normal (Autographed Hardback)
  • Is Your Job Your Calling: Why Do We Work? ($11) (Mp3 Download)
  • No More Dreaded Mondays ($12): Ignite Your Passion and Other Revolutionary Ways to Discover Your True Calling At Work (Paperback Book)
  • Dream Job ($75): The Resource for Releasing Rewarding Work In You (6 Audio CDs, Digital eWorkbook and new 48 Days Schedule)
  • Rudder of the Day ($12): Daily Doses of Workplace Inspiration! (Paperback Book)
  • 48 Peppermints – a refreshing reminder of each day of your 48-day journey!
  • 48 Days Personality Profile ($28.50): Instant access - this is the first thing all our coaching clients take to get a clear look at their unique personality style and how to best communicate with others!

Don't put off "one day" any longer.  Take action and start creating the work and life you love!

In your book, I believed you when you said that a person could find a position (I hate to use the evil word of job) that I love getting up for every morning. However, I assumed at the time that I wouldn't have to experience a job I love because, as a pianist, I get to be self-employed.

Three months ago, I was forced to get a full-time job. Amidst feelings of dread about what I'd find, God stepped in and provided me with a job I am crazy about at our local music store selling sheet music and pianos. I still get to teach piano and play at restaurants, but actually look forward to going to work AND staying late to tie up loose ends. I praise God daily for giving me the tools, through your materials, to secure a job that is a mutually good fit for my employer and myself. I no longer work for a large corporation, having my every minute controlled and dictated. I now proudly work for a mom and pop company that provides amazing benefits, a fun work environment, and reasonable job responsibilities for the time I put in. I am living the dream!   - Heidi

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